Bienvenue à bord

To make this cruise a culinary event, our Chef Jean-Sébastien Pouch proposes a menu of seasonal dishes freshly prepared for you from exclusive ingredients.

The suggestions on this menu are renewed each month as the seasons pass.

We wish you a delightful taste experience rich in discoveries.



Seasonal vegetables
in onion rows,
black olive focaccia,
goat’s cheese curds with herbs
and enokis in vinaigrette

CHF 18.-

Lobster medallions marinated
in Thai radish and wakame,
sea urchin vinaigrette
with kaffir lime, selection
of micro sprouts

CHF 24.-

Marbled duck foie gras
with cherry,
caramelized lime chutney


CHF 20.-

Main courses

Golden gnocchi in salted butter,
watercress coulis,
fried artichokes and basil, smoked milk froth

CHF 28.-

Beef burger, sesame seed bun,
red onion, lettuce and
teriyaki sauce

CHF 26.-

Lightly cooked red tuna, stewed
pepper chutney with saffron,
foamy Bellota chorizo juice

CHF 35.-

Perly yellow poultry fillet with morels,
crushed Ratte potatoes
with salted butter
and creamy juice

CHF 35.-


Assorted fresh
and matured cheeses

CHF 12.-


Yuzu cream,
white chocolate mousse
and roasted almond crisp

CHF 12.-

Fine mini tart with rhubarb
stewed in hibiscus
flower syrup

CHF 12.-


Cheeseburger & old-fashioned
potatoes, ice cream and choice
of syrup-flavoured water

CHF 25.-


Boarding point

The landing place for the “ Savoie ” paddleboat
is next to the Jardin Anglais

Times of daily sailings:
Midday cruise for lunch: departure at 12h25
Evening cruise for dinner: departure at 19h00

Public transport
Transports publics genevois

Nearest bus/tram stops: « Horloge Fleurie » and « Métropole »

Nearest car park

Parking du Mont-Blanc

Contact and Travel Tickets

INFOLINE +41 900 929 929 (CHF 0.50/min.)
Reservation +41 22 544 04 44